Hey Goddess,



You are so powerful. You are so capable. You have so much potential.

Yet so much of your magic lays dormant. Because something is holding you back.

You feel powerless in your relationship with food. Losing weight is a constant struggle.

You don’t even feel safe and at home in your own body. You have yet to develop your

inner guidance and instead are constantly looking outward.


Living this way is diluting your potency.

It’s time to embrace your truth!! Because woman, the truth is…

You are divinity herself. You are the creator of your reality. You are full of

all the potential and guidance you could ever need to accomplish EVERYTHING you desire.

You are meant for MORE.

You are meant to shine so brightly. To be vibrant. To feel ridiculous amounts of joy.

To love your body and be guided by the wisdom that you hold within.

Have you been denying your truth?

Are you holding back from embracing the divinity of your very being?


Ready to start living an inspired, fully turned on life?

That’s where I come in.

I am here to awaken you to the power within you. To remind you of your divinity.

To help you begin peeling off the layers that are masking your truth and dimming your light.

To take you on a journey that will completely transform you- from the inside out.


The Woman I Am Here To Serve


  • Is looking for deep soul healing, not just a quick fix and is willing to do the necessary work
  • Is ready to invest in herself and fully commit to her expansion
  • Has struggled with feeling unworthy or like she isn’t “enough”
  • Is ready to release physical and emotion weight
  • Wants freedom from obsession over food and confusion about what to eat
  • Craves feeling connected and in alignment with her body’s natural cycles and needs
  • Is ready to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in her own skin
  • Wants to learn how to feel radical love for herself
  • Is looking for clarity about her soul’s purpose
  • Is ready to strengthen her intuition and unlock her spiritual gifts
  • Is done settling for anything less than what lights up her soul
  • Wants to radically love herself and give herself the attention she has deserved all along
  • Craves confidence in embracing her authentic self
  • Knows she deserves more


How We Work Together


Everyone is unique in their needs and desires. For this reason, each coaching program is intuitively curated to fit the individual. This is a journey I’ve been on myself. I took the long way. Full of twists and turns and dead ends-so that you don’t have to.

I have the map, baby! And I’m here to be your personal tour guide on this path.

I charge $99 for a 45 min coaching consultation. On this call we dive deep and reveal the truth about where you are, where you want to be and how to begin moving in that direction. If we both feel drawn to working together, at the end of the call we will discuss the details of my coaching package and pricing.




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