The Spiritual Solution To The Battle With Your Body

A Self Paced Intensive Series



Do you feel completely powerless in you pursuit of losing weight?

Like food has some CRAZY power over you.

You feel so uncomfortable and unhappy in your body.

But you just cant figure out how to break free.

You’ve done ALL the diets, weightloss programs, and wild workouts.

Even if you HAVE lost weight, it came right back the moment you even LOOKED at a cupcake.

If you could just get a grip of this whole weight thing you could move on and actually


You know there must be a deeper reason you struggle with losing weight.

You crave alignment.

You’re ready to do the deep soul work, even if you’re not quite sure what that means. You feel it.

Remember, I am all about the woo. So if your gut is telling you to stick around, keep reading.


This self paced program is unlike ANY weight loss program you’ve EVER done before.

I won’t be giving you a list of foods to eat or not eat. No meal plans. No restrictions. Remember, you’ve tried that already and it didn’t work so time to try something new. Instead you will receive all the tools necessary to completely change your ability to effortlessly lose weight! If you want something you’ve never been able to accomplish, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. Seriously, your relationship with your body will never be the same.


Awaken The Maven In The Mirror

To create sustainable and easy weightloss you must come from a place of loving your body not hating it. Sounds impossible right? How do you go from hating and constantly criticizing your body to actually loving it? This module will teach you how to bridge that seemingly impossible gap and fall in love with your own reflection.


Food Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

If we love food so much why do we rush through our meals and eat so quickly we aren’t able to savor the pleasure that food provides us with? Often times food is used as a way to numb the messages our body has for us. Allow yourself to fully experience the pleasure that food offers while learning how to translate the messages that your body is sending you.

Expand Your Potential, Not Your Waistline

Years of dieting and depriving yourself has left you feeling like you cant trust yourself to make decisions about what you put in your body. Its time to stop limiting not only what you eat but your own ability to tune into your bodies needs. Discover how to listen to what your body truly needs to nourish itself.

Vibe Your Way To Weightloss

Everything holds a vibration. Even the food we eat and the thoughts and beliefs we have about it. This effects how our body processes and stores every bite we take. Learn how to influence the vibration of your food and yourself before you eat so you are nourished not weighed down.



  Is looking for deep soul healing, not just a quick fix and is willing to do the necessary work. 

Has struggled with feeling unworthy or like she isn’t “enough." 

 Is ready to release physical and emotion weight. 

 Craves freedom from obsession over food and confusion about what to eat. 

Is ready to feel comfortable, confident and sexy in her own skin. 

 Wants to radically love herself and give herself the attention she has deserved all along. 

 Desires to be connected and in alignment with her body’s needs. 

Knows she deserves more. 

I struggled with emotional eating, binging, body dysmorphia and self loathing for the majority of my life. After years of failed diets and weight loss programs I decided to throw out the rule book and make my own path.

This led me on a journey of deep soul healing. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Not gonna lie, this work is intense. But I learned how to finally be able to actually enjoy my life and love myself, just as I am. No more worrying about how I looked, what I would be eating (or not eating), or what others thought of me. I found peace. And I found my purpose.

Now, nothing excites me more than guiding women in embracing their divinity and stepping into their full power through first healing their relationship with food, their bodies and themselves. I have a deep desire to assist others in loving themselves radically and embodying their fullest potential.



Four videos to do at your own pace

Worksheets with exercises to help you integrate each module

Two exclusive meditations to incorporate throughout your day

BONUS: Manifesting Weightloss Masterclass




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