"Alyssa is wise and sensitive beyond her years, an old soul with a profound intuition and a knowing about life that is uncanny. Since that time she has been a constant presence in my life: as a certified yoga teacher, leading me in a beautiful, yet challenging practice two days a week; as a certified holistic nutritionist, sharing information about healthy eating, concentrating more on lifestyle, rather than diet; as a teacher of mediation, guiding me, my family and friends to a more relaxed and gratitude-filled lifestyle, and as a facilitator of magical women’s gatherings, helping each participant set practical, yet life-changing intentions for the month ahead. What sets Alyssa apart from so many others is her unique ability to deeply connect with each one of her students/clients and develop an understanding of his or her individual needs. Alyssa’s programs are not one size fits all. They are carefully crafted and designed to accommodate each person’s diverse needs and expectations. Though I’m over thirty years older than Alyssa, I am constantly learning from her and inspired by her. She makes all who know her and work with her strive to be their highest self and live a life full of intention and purpose."


"I was raised to think healthy was grilled chicken, canned green beans and lettuce with ranch (aka salad). When I got into college I was introduced to what healthy “really” was: all protein (animal protein) and low or no carbs. My diet fluctuated month to month for the years to follow as I went through periods of starving myself and adding high intensity workouts and periods of binge eating. Both largely dictated by outside influences like relationships, vacations, and societal pressures…basically, my emotional state. Alyssa has helped me develop a completely different relationship with my food – yes, a relationship! It isn’t just about learning about what’s in the food you are eating and what your body needs to survive, it is understanding how to listen to your body, dial into how foods make you feel, and pay attention to why you are eating. While it is an ongoing journey, my mindset has completely changed. There is a balance between my mind, body and spirit that I’ve craved for so long and am finally starting to achieve."


"Alyssa’s spirit radiates and heals. She is so generous with her skills and expertise. I am so, so forever grateful for her miraculous insight and expert guidance in helping to heal my relationship with food and begin a real, true path of holistic eating. Holistic=whole. She treated my whole person and helped and empowered me to begin to put the pieces of myself back together in relationship with food, eating, and dieting. Since I was a pre-teen, I have had an emotional eating pattern. Even as a “skinny” adult, my relationship with food was often one of deprivation and fear, not of love, joy, and nourishment. Alyssa cut through all of that and helped me find my way to a true path of easeful, mindful, loving, connected, conscious eating. I am so appreciative of her ever-present grace, empathy, and wisdom. I believe so many of us have an unhealthy, unloving relationship with food, and Alyssa’s in-depth coaching is an amazing curative. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Call Alyssa."


"“I began working with Alyssa during perhaps the most traumatic time in my life. I had just suffered my fifth miscarriage, and two months later was diagnosed with breast cancer. I struggled to stay emotionally above water, and Alyssa was a literal lifesaver. During our sessions, she helped me to shift my perspective in ways that were truly life affirming. Even on days I felt pretty good, I would have groundbreaking, awe inspiring moments while we spoke. Our sessions helped me get through each week, and I loved having homework for the soul to practice between our talks. Alyssa is a caring and gentle soul who radiates light and joy. She has helped me get out of my own way and see life from a completely new perspective. From working with Alyssa, I can now see the gifts in all the traumas I have experienced, if you can believe it! I feel more at peace and aligned with my purpose even as I go through something as scary as cancer. Our sessions have been heartfelt sacred self-care for me, and I have grown so much from our work together. Thank you, Alyssa!”"


"Alyssa is a beautiful light in my life. After working with her, I feel way more secure in myself as a woman. Life makes sense. I’ve let go of so much pain and negative self talk. She is a gifted healer, and can clearly see into how you are blocking yourself from self love / success. We even went into my childhood and she helped me heal from family issues that were still affecting me today. She is amazing! I feel so much clearer after working with her. Highly recommend her if you are ready to step into your magical self."


"I was feeling exhausted, stuck and depressed. I suspected my relationship to food was a part of it and decided to work with Alyssa on improving my nutrition and incorporated Yoga sessions. Her coaching provided the accountability and spiritual support that I needed to see food with a new awareness. I’ve learned so much about myself and underwent an intense personal transformation. My relationship to food has become so much healthier and have blossomed in so many areas of my life."


"I can not say enough great things about Alyssa. Having had her as my coach she has helped me so much. She uncovered so many things that were right the beneath the surface and even well buried that had been holding me back. She has brought me to a new level of awareness and happiness I have not had since childhood and I am forever thankful. I’m excited for the future. I live in the moment. I love myself. These things were so foreign to me a few months ago. I am truly living my life in a place I would not be if I had not had the good fortune to meet and work with Alyssa. You rock lady!"


"“With a calm, easy, and day-by-day approach, Alyssa helped me eat more mindfully and look at my food in a healthy way. She has a wonderful, nurturing temperament that is completely non-judgmental. She’ll help you stay focused on the process instead of obsessing over the end result, and give you manageable goals so that your approach to food and nutrition is healthy and positive. Working with her makes me feel good about myself and happy in my own skin!” "