I struggled with binge eating, body dysmorphia and self loathing the majority of my life.


I was completely consumed with what I was consuming.

Thinking about food constantly, struggling with my weight, experiencing major stomach issues, breakouts, headaches, hating my body, suuuuper insecure, the list goes on.

Like many women I had given my power away. I was out of touch with my body and my natural instincts. I felt like a victim to my emotions and my circumstances. I looked outside of myself for validation, love, and guidance rather than within.

Basically my unhealthy relationship with food, myself & my body was taking over my life & keeping me from actually being able to live.


I thought learning more would set me free.

Knowledge is power right? And I wanted to have power over food.

So I gobbled up all the books, documentaries, blogs, etc and eventually ended up in school studying holistic nutrition.

But there I was, in my final semester of school, having learned more than any average human needs to know about nutrients, & vitamins & food combining etc, & I was still overweight, hating myself & falling into weekly binges.


It didn’t matter that I knew EXACTLY what I “should” & “shouldn’t” eat.

At this point I knew that something deeper was going on.

This led me on a journey of deep soul healing. Trust me, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Not gonna lie, this work is intense and it’s not really about the food. Or getting the “perfect body”.

Yes, I lost weight and began loving my body. But I also uncovered the root of what was driving me to overeat. I learned how to finally be able to truly enjoy my life and love myself, just as I am. No longer obsessed about how I looked, what I would be eating (or not eating), or what others thought of me.


I found peace. I found FREEDOM. I’ve learned to embrace my body and the magic that it holds. I discovered my purpose.

This healing goes so far beyond what you are or aren’t eating. This goes deep. Soul deep.

And that’s why you’re here.

Not to try another diet, or to be told another food rule, or learn the “correct foods” for your body. 

You are here to regain your power & your life. 



If you are craving this freedom, what’s holding you back??_______________________________________________________________________________________________



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